Candace Apron

Candace Apron

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Using unearthed elements in jewelry and art runs deep through the American West. Today Albuquerque, New Mexico boasts the largest collection of turquoise jewelry and artists include feathers and arrows in many gifts that honor our Native American history. And for Boho chic style, the Candace apron mimics that southwest flair with a bold vertical feather and arrow pattern in deep navy blue, that Albuquerque turquoise blue and mustard yellow on a bright white background. Apron pockets and strings are a natural color in canvas.  

Our aprons are not just for the kitchen, they are meant to be project partners in all you do, whether it's jewelry making, crafts, artwork or studio work.

100% cotton duck facing handcrafted with pride in Texas. Fully lined with a cotton/poly blend liner. Featuring cotton canvas pockets. Fits up to size 1X.

One size: 29" length x 19.25" wide

Handcrafted with pride in Texas.